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Boynton Beach Reunion, March 23, 2009

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Identified in the third group photo are l to r: Back row: Marcia Grossman Bovit, Marcia Zanger Kaufman, Marlene Dupuy Daffner Anneliese Furtner Crefeld, Betty Arbeitman Blum, Front row: Betty Smith Perna, Linda Heyman Halperin, Joanie Meyer Shannon


Official 2005 Reunion Photo

2005 reunion


ID schematic

Correction to the recently distributed 2005 reunion schematic. Thanks to ron thrum, an error in the schematic has been uncovered: # 22 should be Mona MacGregor, and # 20 should be Barbara Johnson. This correction has been made in the schematic.

2005 reunion schematic



45th Reunion (courtesy Annaliese Crefeld, Alex Varey, Al Wagner)

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Orlando 2003 All-Class IHS Reunion (courtesy Annaliese Crefeld)

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50th Reunion (courtesy Annaliese Crefeld)

May, 2006 All-Classes Reunion in NJ (courtesy John LaFauci)


June 10, 2007

The 2007 NJ all-classes reunion was held May 18th at Doolan's in Spring Lake Hgts. Seventeen of our '55 classmates attended.

Here we are:

  • Front -- l to r: joan zalewski, sue braunstein, fred enfield, joan meyers, gladys ransom
  • 2nd row -- l to r: joan noerpel, richard schuetz
  • 3rd row -- l to r: joni schmidt, janet cataldo, john winecker
  • 4th row --l to r: lois selick, faith martin, mike turk, al wagner
  • Back row -- l to r: ron thrum, ann stickel, john la fauci



Septemer 26, 2010

Photo's of our 55th reunion, held September 26, 2010 at the Crystal Point Yacht Club
Photos courtesy of Anneliese Furtner Crefeld
55 Reunion



Last updated: October 14, 2010
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