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Hi Fred,
      John and I had a phone call from Herb Mayer's daughter a few days ago telling us that he collapsed with a fatal heart attack, Friday November 30, while attending a seminar.  It is a shock for everyone, since he was not having any health problems.
      He leaves his wife Bonnie, three children and several grandchildren.
      Anyone wishing to send along memories to be shared at the memorial service can e-mail them to Herb's son, Rich at, with "Concerning Herb Mayer" in the subject line.
      Bonnie's address is:   6101 West Yakima Avenue
                                       Yakima, WA 98908
      Liesa (Tappert) Arnold


(Archived January 06, 2008 )

Blossom Stromfeld Goldfein

GOLDFEIN Blossom Goldfein Customer service rep, of West Orange Blossom Goldfein died on Monday, Oct. 29, 2007, in St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. Services will be held on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007, at 11:30 a.m. at Bernheim-Apter-Kreitzman Suburban Funeral Chapel, 68 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston.
Mrs. Goldfein retired nine years ago after 14 years of service in customer service with Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Newark. She was a member of Jewish Womens International, West Orange, and Bnai Brith of West Orange. Mrs. Goldfein lived in West Orange for the past 28 years with her husband, Warren. She is also survived by two daughters, Debbie and her husband, Bruce Krouse, and Donna and her husband, Mark Zweigbaum; her brother, Ronald Stromfeld, and two granddaughters, Erica and Melissa.

Published in the Star-Ledger on 10/31/2007.
Posted by Fred Enfield 10/31/07


(Archived January 06, 2008 )

Official 2005 Reunion photo and ID schematic is now in the Reunions Photo Gallery! (Click on Reunions and then Photo Gallery.)

Correction to the recently distributed 2005 reunion schematic. Thanks to ron thrum, an error in the schematic has been uncovered: # 22 should be Mona MacGregor, and # 20 should be Barbara Johnson. This correction has been made in the schematic.

The ad below is Ron Jacobson, who was a fashion model before entering ad sales.

Ron Jacobson

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(Archived June 23, 2007)

News and photos from Lois Kohl Badgley:

Hi Fred
As you know I am teaching this year in Zhangzhou, Fujian province PRC. Recently my teaching assistant arranged for a car and driver and we went to see the Earth dwelling in Hua'an. The CIA thought they were missile silos.  So much for what we know about the history of China.

There is considerable road construction throughout China and that explains the muddy feet and brick truck stuck in the heavy red clay.

The weather here in Southern china is tropical, the landscape lush and the fruits and vegetables in abundance. It helps that the exchange rate allows me to live on my social security and the small stipend I get for teaching.

PS. with Walmart, KFC,and McD are  here it is not third world. This
message comes to you from a totally wireless world.

Lois in ChinaLois in ChinaLois in China


(Archived June 23, 2007 )

News from Tom Mieliwocki:

I would like to comment about your "Items of Interest from Fred Enfield" regarding the Cricket Club. This is in the very neighborhood that I was born in and lived in until I went off to college. During the 40's and 50's, the entire neighborhood, for 5 to 10 blocks in each direction around this club, was inhabited mainly by polish speaking people and some Germans. The church (Sacred Heart) on Grove Street and 16th Ave was a Polish church and most of the business were run by polish speaking people. As a matter of interest, I spoke only polish until I started into Kindergarden at Grove Street elementary, since we lived in a 4 flat house with my grandparents (born and raised in Poland), and my aunts and uncles and my parents (all american born of Polish decent).

But back to the Cricket Club. In my youth, this was known by some other name - The Polish American Hall or the Polish National Alliance Hall, or something like that. During the summer months there were picnic type events held each weekend with Polish food booths set up in the outside garden area and bands playing polkas throughout the night inside the hall. Many of the receptions from weddings performed at Sacred Heart church, were held in this facility.

Now the main reason why I am commenting on this club. This is the place (except with a different name) that I met my wife to be back in 1958. Both she and I went to a Sweet 16 birthday celebration that neither of us were invited to. My sister, who was friends with the birthday girl asked me to carry the cake into the party and then I was free to leave (why would a 20 year old college guy be interested in 15 and 16 year old girls?). My wife-to-be's friend was also friends with the birthday girl and wanted Joan to come along to keep her campany. Once I spotted Joan at the party, there was no way I was going to leave. The rest is history.

We have been married for 46 years, have 4 children (the youngest will be getting married on May 12th - which is another interesting story) and 6 grandchildren - all because we both went to that place now known as the Cricket Club.
- tom mieliwocki

Follow-up comment from Fred Enfield -- i just want to add that circa late 70's, i ran into tom in santa monica at a popular bakery and restaurant on main street. i had no idea he was in california. i believe he and his friends had irvington emblems on their jackets. so i asked what it was all about --and discovered it was tom.
- fred enfield


(Archived April 12, 2007 )

Fred Enfield received the following note from newly found classmate Carol Melick:

Dear Fred, I recently learned of the IHS website from Judy and Jim Miller. I
was remarried in 1971 to Edmund Lutz. My maiden name was Carol Melick. I have 3 daughters from my first marriage to Edward Envall (deceased). My husband Edmund(Eddie) Lutz has a son and daughter (wife deceased) and we have a son, Kurt. We have 13 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter! We are living at 4 Circle Dr., Lebanon, NJ."


News from Janet Neal Maulick:

Walter and I became great-grandparents on Sept. 1, 2006. Our granddaughter, Carrie and her husband,Lincoln, welcomed Malykie Alexander to our family. They live in W. V.


(Archived: January 20, 2007)

News from Veronica Loger (Ronnie) Barnansky:

Hello Fred, I read on the IHS55 website that you lost track of Joe Carchio.  He ran for Huntington Beach City Council in the 2006 general election.  He also owns a restaurant in Huntington Beach: Jersey Joe's Italian Deli.

Some news from Lois Kohl Badgley:

Wow, that's quite a list you have managed to obtain from class of '55!! In 2007, I'll be teaching in Zhangzhou, China. Spent a wonderful summer there and when they asked if I'd be interested in a longer contract, I could not refuse. I've created a wonderful life and I wish the same for everyone.

Betty Smith Perna has reported the following sad news:

Fred, I'm so sad to tell you that another of our classmates, Edmond Rossman has passed away. I know this to be true because he is my brother-in-law's brother. While I didn't know Edmond very well but do remember him from my homeroom class and know that he was a very nice guy. He will be missed. Thanks for doing a great job with the website.
Best Regards,

News from Fred Enfield:
Marion and I are finally grandparents to Maximiliano (Max) Alejandro Enfield Azolas, born in NYC September 23, 2006.

Items of 'interest' from Fred Enfield:
I spent three weeks in October in NYC with my new grandson. One day in the heavily polish area of Greenpoint (in Brooklyn), I was astonished to see the following poster on a store wall. Note that it's about the Cricket Club in Irvington, which apparently is very popular with some ethnic groups. Someone explained to me that the men in the poster are popular (German) singers, and the female (a Paris Hilton look-a-like) is a popular polish singer. Also--many polish people who live in Greenpoint frequently visit the Cricket Club in Irvington for entertainment.

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News and a special request from Lee Maltenfort:
One of my retirement activities is serving as Director of Volunteers for The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, located just outside Savannah GA. Any of you who snowbird it down 95 have passed it – there’s a big ol’ B-47 parked near the side of the Interstate (exit 102 in GA).

One of our major projects is the decoration of Christmas trees with photographs of people who served in the military. The original idea was pictures of veterans of the 8th AF who served in WWII, but it has expanded greatly, with pictures of men and women who served in the Middle East appearing on last year’s tree – which was the first. Our goal is to fill the lobby of the Museum with trees decorated with these pictures.

If any of you have family albums showing relatives in their uniforms, I would like to have them emailed to me. Ideally, I would like head shots scaled down to about 2” wide and 3-1/2” high, about the size of the photo prints commonplace in the 40s and 50s. But I’ll take what I can get. Please be sure to have the full name of the individual and, if there is any other history about him or her available, I’ll keep it in the archival data base for the picture file.

Forward the pictures to <>
Thanks in advance. Lee Maltenfort


(Updated August 02, 2006)

Hi kids. I have been contacted by Frank Rudolf's son Scott, who confirmed his passing in 1993. Heretofore Frank's death was discovered in public records. Scott would appreciate being contacted by classmates who were friends of his father in high school, Scott's email address is <>. Hope everyone is doing OK.
Thanks. Fred Enfield


1. 2006 website fund results (as of April 18th, 2006)

I am happy to announce that our 2006 web site fund drive has been successful from a funds received aspect.

Fifty-four classmates, or about 21% of known classmates made contributions. After all printing, mailing and related expenses, web fees, and compensation to our webmaster Lisa, there is over $100 remaining in the account. This may be used for a possible mailing later this year or towards 2007 required funds.

As a result of the fund drive and distribution of the new information form, many updates were made to the Classmates section of the web site, including additions and corrections to several email addresses.

Anyone who has not yet made a 2006 contribution, who would like to -- there is no deadline on contributions.
For information contact me at or just mail contributions (made out to Fred Enfield):

Fred Enfield
64 El Viento
Pismo Beach, CA 93449




Archived: May 28, 2006

Classmate Joanne Fried Scher has sadly reported that classmate Mary Yunker Gambarony, 68, passed away Saturday, May 27, 2006. Mary and classmate Tony Gambarony were married for 48 years. We will miss her.


Archived: April 18, 2006

With the technical help of Lisa, daughter of Wes Stumpf, we have added a refreshed look and new photos to the site.

With thanks, I would like to announce that, as of the end of March 2006, twenty-one percent of the approximately 250 known classmates have made contributions towards maintaining this site.

From the recent mass-mailing, three non-deliverable returns were received back for:

  • Joseph Carchio
  • Thomas Pintozzi
  • Patricia Thatcher

If anyone has information on these three, or any other "missing" classmates, please let me know.

As well, the mass-mailing has resulted in many updates, including the addition of several email addresses.

By now (end of March 2006) you should have received an update letter from Fred Enfield about the site and how to keep your information current. This site has been down for a half year or more and your data may have changed.

Please look at your data and bio and if updating is needed please email Lisa and Fred, or mail the update form to Fred as outlined in the update letter.

New Photos: Look for new photos from Anneliese Furtner Crefeld of the very successful 2005 reunion in Pt. Pleasant last September. These can be found in the "Reunions" section. Click on the "Photo Gallery" sub-section.

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